My photography journey began as a teenager working at Henley’s photo shop in Bakersfield, California. For a number of years my father and I roamed the Tehachapi Mountains of California, the southern San Joaquin Valley and the California coast range in search of “anything beautiful” to photograph. Wildflowers, oak savannas, and the Mojave Desert were just the beginning of my love for the vast beauty and varied stories of nature’s wonders.

Photography was put on hold for a number of years as school, family, and business took me in various directions. As time passed I once again took up my passion when I became a member of the Fresno Camera Club and the Photographic Society of America (PSA) in 1986.

That same year I began studying with many of the country’s renowned working professional photographers. Their tours and workshops I’ve taken part in for the past 28+ years became my respite from the business world and the stresses of daily life. Photography and the creative process took a quantum leap during this time.

In the early-90s, I became a member of Spectrum Gallery in Fresno, California, a co-op photography gallery. I have produced two solo exhibitions in the course of my membership. Additionally, I won awards with National Geographic and was featured in National Geographic Traveler calendar and magazine. For a period of time a number of my images were available through the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park, California. My work is published in books, postcards, covers, corporate journals and annual reports, and is a part of many private collections worldwide.

More recently my interest has shifted toward the abstract, as I find myself spending more and more time on in-camera effects, montages, macro, and impressionism. Freeman Patterson teaches photographers to “see” subjects as shapes, rather than “things.” To this end I do not limit my subject matter.

A serendipitous meeting with John Barclay in 2005 in Twin Mountain, New Hampshire, led to a joint venture of conducting photo tours worldwide. Because we connected on many levels (music, sales, and photography), our friendship grew and our photo tours became a great success. I retired from conducting photo tours with John at the end of 2016.